Couch to 5K

Accident in week one....... not a case of living up to the name :-(

I was so keen to get back to running and completed week one, but then calamity. Pulling my mother's wheelchair backwards up a step into a shop without a disabled ramp 2 weeks ago I slipped smack onto my back pulling the wheelchair and my mother onto me. I now have a T5 Compression fracture between my shoulder blades confirmed as 50% Acute/chronic in a wedge. I am doing just fine and my mother survived unscathed, just a little shocked :-(

My question is........ Is there anyone else out there who has had a compression fracture? How long did it take to recover and get back to running? Was it just a case of 'try' and see?

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I think you should ask and rely on your doc for information and not us mere mortals. Hopefully you can start again soon xxx


Doing that kickibro ........... :-) ........... Just wondering how long it might take, from mere mortals who run. Guess I will just have to wait and see for myself x


Ouch - poor you. Just be patient and make sure you recover well. The running will wait for you.

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Ouch, getting wheelchairs around places is not the easiest. I think you just need to listen to your doctor. Glad your mum is ok, it must have been quite a shock for both of you.


You've had some bad luck there having done so well with the start of the programme. I echo what has been said about seeing the doc and asking her/him about exercise and when you can do it. It's better to err on the side of caution than risk further damage. I hope it heals okay and you can get back to running soon. Good luck and very best wishes.


Thank you all for your support in this forum :-) patience is needed. As you say, running can wait.


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