Couch to 5K

A bit farther than I had intended

Did W5r3 today. whew. in the cold rain. There was a location I had in my head of where my half-way mark for that long run would be. I have been doing a progressively larger loop as I have gotten faster? better? healthier? and knew that this point was just at the outer edge of 8 running minutes out. I thought I would take the 'long way' and it would add 4 minutes, tops, and I would be back in plenty of time to make dinner. The long way was way longer and turned my half-way mark into the end point of the 20 minute run. Sigh. My warm down walk included the warm down, then warm up and a couple of runs from the next podcast that popped up.

According to Google Maps, the route was 4.6km! Yay! So even though it is not yet 5km, I locomoted for 45 minutes-ish and nearly got my distance! Yay! Dinner was late, and burnt, and I ran 22 1/2 minutes today! Yay!

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It happened to me all the time as I kept looking for flat ground to run on, and before long you have a route march home, so run to keep warm

Well done! If you keep up the good work you'll have that graduate badge before you know it. It goes really quick so savour these runs


Well done. You are obviously fitter than you thought! Serendipity strikes again.


Well done, pleased you got week 5 behind you. Remember to treat week 6 with respect, going back to intervals is not easy and this catches people out at times. It's the usual, take it very slow and steady. Good luck with week 6 and best wishes.


Well done good job . I also completed w5 run 3 this morning and was glad to get that over with I feel amazed that I ran for 20 mins. Know how you feel well done ,


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