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My poor knees !!

My knees have been so sore, resting for a week and feeling better so thought well lets give it a go this am, All set to go and somehow I switched off the background music on my phone so couldn't hear Laura. After 30 frustrating minutes trying to correct I decided a quick walk around the block was better then nothing, especially as knees still sore, so off I go, a very disgruntled me, when I got to turn off for " around the block " I was feeling more positive, so kept going for another 2.5 miles at least all at brisk pace. So all in all feeling pleased with me and happy I could keep "brisk " up.

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Have you tried an ice gel pack. My left knee can get a bit achy but the cold definately helps. Good luck and may be talk to the doc or a physio.


gel ice pack, good idea, thanks laurae


I know the sore knee feeling, well done for still getting out :)


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