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Oh Laura, how I have missed you ... sort of


It's been a long time since I posted on here but I have made it back.

I'm not sure if my graduate badge is still there (does it get taken off you if you 'fall off the wagon' :D ) but I did graduate from the Couch to 5K back in 2012 after thinking that I could never make it. I even completed several Parkruns (could never make it below the blasted 30 minutes though) and had my graduate t-shirt ... all was going swimmingly.

Then, during one of my runs, I noticed that my leg started to get really heavy and numb. I have a dodgy back, mainly through a lack of stomach muscles and it felt like it had finally given up the ghost. I put it down to one-off but it happened again on my next run. A quick visit to the Physio told me that I had a squished hip/leg joint and whilst I was never explicitly told to stop running, I was advised to maybe find something a bit gentler!! That was what was said ... what I 'heard' though was "give up any form of exercise" and so I did ... with style.

Anyway, fast forward to now and I found myself really hankering after running again. I would watch other people trot on past and think "I really want to start again ... but obviously I can't because of my back". It started to really get me down.

And so I decided to do something about it ... it was time to dust Laura off and get back out there. The difference this time though is that I am doing Pilates alongside to help with my core strength. I am really hoping that this will help as I miss the instant fix of a quick run.

It's strange going back out again struggling with Week 1 knowing that I have been capable of running 5k before. What's not so strange is the fear of Week 5!!!

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So pleased for you that you are back running! I hope the pilates helps you this time around and that that leg doesn't give you any bother. Good luck x


Oh good luck with getting back into form. I'm sure that the Pilates will help - having strong core muscles seems to be essential,for trouble free running.

Well done on returning, I'm returning too after having my daughter, I tried to do it alone but I missed Laura's encouragement.

Good luck in your runs xx

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