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Want to run with your children and live in Newcastle area?

Children's Cancer Run is a family 5miles run and also a 1 mile mini run for younger children ( my grandson was 2 1/2 when he did it last year) The wee ones all get a medal ,t shirt and Gregg's picnic it's on Sun 11thMay but entries close end of next week Not being able to run 1mile was what led me to c25k so this is going to the biggest / most emotional race I'll ever do

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Oh that's lovely Fitfor60, you will love it. I did this several times when my son was little and we had a great time, it's a fun atmosphere. It's not just the little ones who get a picnic/medal, you will get one too - hope you will let us know how it all goes. :-)


Thanks not bad Last year I wasn't in good place as still coming to terms with grandson diagnoses He is sooooo proud of his medal and says if i practise a bit more i might get one too! Hopefully this year sun will be shining and we can all enjoy the day His nursery and sisters school are now doing run as well so that will be fun I am doing the 5 mile race too - hurrah for c25k


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