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iSmoothrun: how accurate do you find it?

I got back to the UK yesterday so decided to use iSmoothrun alongside Laura (couldn't use it while abroad due to roaming fees). They kept in sync for the first 15 minutes, but iSmoothrun gained almost a full 5 minutes over the next 10 minutes for Laura. It was good to know what speed I was going (snail pace :S) and how far I'd come, but I now doubt the accuracy of it. Has anyone else found this to be the case?

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Hi, I use iSmoothRun and a Garmin and I find it totally accurate in that it matches what my Garmin says. I stopped using the Laura app because it was so inaccurate - is that what you are using?

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I was wondering if it was Laura and not the app, thanks for the confirmation. At least it means I've been running further than I thought! :)


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