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Outside again

The treadmill will start gathering dust at this rate! Yes, I made it out again last night. Not mananged a straight 28 min run yet (week 8), but did manage further on the 5k route that I have plotted. So, although not hitting the week 8 runs, am happy with the progress I am making. Just before the last bit to home, the Run-fit runners came in the opposite direction - glad I did not go with them tonight, I am no where near the speed that they are at yet! Plan to do the run-fit clinic on Monday again though with them, to try and build a bit more stamina.

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You'll get there Caro and then you can rejoin.

I had to quit my running group when I hurt myself, then build back up to a point where I can re-join

It's early days for you yet so no worries. Just concentrate on finishing Couch for the minute


Well done for getting outside again - keep the treadmill though as you may need it later in the year when autumn hits us again!. You're keeping going with your running so I don't doubt you will do a continuous 28 minute run before long. Good luck with achieving that and best wishes.


Doing a Step class in the morning, will try a run on Sunday and then the run-fit club on Monday, so keeping active as best as I can. Just need someone along side me to keep me going through the tough bits!


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