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D*** smartphone!!


I ran the first run of my modified final C25K week this morning. It was to be a 20 minute straight run - followed by a 25 minute in 2 days followed by a 30 minute run 2 days after. Shouldn't be too much trouble (I thought) because I have already run these times with a 1 minute walk break in the middle of them.

So - today being Saturday, I decided to incorporate the 20 minute run into my local Parkrun and finish the remainder of the 5ks at whatever pace I felt like . HOWEVER --05 April today and we should be starting to get some Autumnish weather in the mornings -- but no sign of it here yet so I discovered it to be 25C at 7AM , blue skies and a hot sun developing. Then I discovered that I have been concentrating on the C25K only for the last few weeks - and running only 30 minutes each occasion and not my usual 5Ks - so this was to be my first 5Ks for a number of weeks. Then my smartphone let me down and stopped giving me info - like how many minutes I have run etc. Also - our local Parkrun is getting quite large with lots of all kinds of runners - and after running totally alone for the past 3 weeks (except for some startled , horse, cattle and kangaroos) , I suddenly found it difficult to get into some kind of "rythmn". It turned out to be a "tough " time for me.

But - all's well that ends well -- I finished up 2 minutes faster than my previous PB - and what's more I even beat my 76 year old lady nemesis!! :)

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Congratulations: sometimes it's overcoming these challenges that seem to really make a run

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