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Hello all,a quick catch up and any advice on whether to run or not to run with backache?

Hello all I have not posted for ages but have been reading my daily emails to keep in touch with you all. I have been running once a week for quite a while now covering approx 7.5km in 48 mins using Podrunner intervals. I am still trying to improve my speed. As the weather gets warmer I will try some more 10k runs as only done one so far. I have continued my Spin, Metafit and Body Pump classes at the gym each week too. I have not been running or to the gym for 2 wks as experiencing constant backache in my middle and lower back so thought I would give my body a rest, However there has been no improvement, so should I start my exercise routine again or rest a little longer?

I still need to do something about losing some weight to reduce my obese BMI and as I have tried so many diets previously and always regain the weight I am not sure whether to embark on the NHS choices diet plan or give the 5:2 diet a try? Decisions....Any advice would be much appreciated.

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They do say with back pain you should try and keep mobile but that I'm pretty sure would not include running. There is a terrific impact to your back when running. Can you swim, if so give that a try as there is no weight impact. Also some walking, building up your distance, don't go too far too soon. A sports physio may be able to help too. Hope you feel better soon, take care.


Thanks Oldgirl, nice to hear from you :) I struggled walking on a day out for Mother's day yesterday but will give swimming a go later this week.



not sure about the diet but I can relate to the back ache, I use to suffer a lot with it after years of lifting and sitting the wrong way. I now do a couple of stretching exercises every morning and dont have any problems.

I saw something interesting on back pain which I thought you may want to check out


Might be wise to get it checked out by your doctor. Backs are tricky things and once a back goes you could set yourself up for future problems. Play safe and get it seen to. Good luck and best wishes.


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