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mid foot running

mid foot running

this morning i was up bright and early to try the mid foot thing , i did 2x5k run one at easy and one at well fast .i can feel my foot landing just behind my toes and im rolling back and im taking smaller strides my legs are in line with my hips my cadence is 90 on each foot looks like i will have to work on the balance thing and cut my miles down to 29ish a week all in all its not that bad but my calves were killing me and it felt like i was running a hm but i did it in 23m 32 and the easy was 24.29 more rest days for me thamks to all for the help i was not very happy yesterday happy running all

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Moger my love if that's an easy run I would think anyone's legs would ache. It will take a while to get used to a changed stride so listen to your body. I sure wish I had half your speed, what fuel do you run on? ;)


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