Couch to 5K

Stamina followed by Speed, then Fartlek last 2km home - HOT, HOT, HOT!

This morning was my long run for Jantastic. Decided to do my long route which is just shy of 10k. (9.86km) Last time I did it I was high as a kite for the rest of the day. Did it again just now but not feeling particularly high. Never mind. I do feel positive enough to clean about 100 bee frames ready for spring. Filthy job which I keep putting of. They WILL be done TODAY. No excuses!

So I set off to my favourite pod cast - Stamina. Followed on straight into Speed but do admit to walking the slow sections of that one! Then I was back into street light territory so ran 2, walked 1 for the last 2km to home. All the way round I had been lusting after a bacon sandwich, which my OH kindly made for me while I got changed for doing a filthy job (rendering down wax from the bee frames and generally cleaning them up for Spring)

I really did enjoy the sandwich!

I downloaded 'Running like a Girl' yesterday and have almost finished it already. A good read and it will inspire you! Thought about it often while I was out.

So - HAPPY RUNNING everyone! It is a lovely day for it today even if I did get a tad overheated in the blazing sunshine!

Update at 4.00. Finished the frames. Feeling absolutely wacked now!

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Great to be out isn't it. Lovely. And this must be the perfect day for Bee husbandry. Enjoy!


Hi suzybenj! Are you a beekeeper too? (You are using the right language!) I should be doing my bee husbandry exam in June - if I can get the bees to multiply in time before then - without swarming! The bees are all hunkered down - that's why I have to wait until winter to do these jobs. Did it in summer once and the bees (attracted by the smell) all tried to walk into the steamer and died a horrible death in molten wax. Too cold for them to fly today thank goodness!

Yes, it's great to get out at the moment, although all my runs near the river are too slippery so I'm running on roads all the way.


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