Couch to 5K

new running schedule helped me sort my disorganized days, have you found the same?

I am a stay at home mom, i mean mum(!), in a new country and in a smaller home with no garden, and not a large circle or friends or habitual activities. My time in between school drop off and pick up was so unstructured compared to previously. I might walk,or windowshop or houseclean, or real shop, or read or dawdle on-line all day or read or wish i had the space needed to plan and cook better than i was managing, or sit at the library or do more laundry than my drying space allows because I wasnt doing it regularly, or sit down and let the cats nap on me, and maybe nap too. In other words, i was barely keeping up my end of the stay at home bargain, with the house a mess, the right clean clothes at the right time an unreliable concept and meals pretty basic for a former chef! I meandered through my days. I could do anything, but often didnt do much, really. (Except the walking, i walked/windowshopped/ogled neighborhoods i cant afford enough to knock 18 lbs off.)

I have found that scheduling my runs MWF morning means everything else suddenly has to be organized around that. The boy starting school didnt make me sort my day in our new situation, but requiring this one thing of/for myself has.

If something needs to be done, i dont think that 'oh, i can do that anytime' and then sort of ignore it until it is a crisis. Instead, I have to consider which T-Th i will do it, because MWF I run, then shower, then do actual housework and some laundry and other at home chores. suddenly, the house is cleaner, the hampers are not as overflowy, i am cooking actual from scratch meals more often (there are still actual physical limitations on dealing with food, this is a kitchen designed for a single person who ate out a lot. Not a family.)

Has anyone else found that C25K has helped them get out of a rut of uselessness?

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Oooh yes! In more ways than one as I am too a stay at home mum with two year old. It forces me to get up early to do some exercise, get showered, get my little gorgeousness sorted out for the day way before 7.30am!. Then I'm ready for the day ahead to look at what I need to do, I also tend to list everything the night before but to be honest my running has seemed to have slotted in OK and it's just a normal routine kinda. Wasn't easy at first.


It's great for your mental state as well. I wonder if you were feeling a bit depressed before?


Probably. We moved, then our flat was robbed, not a great beginning! And mild depression has struck before. Something we worried about, so we installed a SAD light in the kitchen lounge, and before this, i gave up housework for a walk at the least hint of sun. Which helped in someways, but was part of the problem too.


I can definetely say that running has helped keep depression at bay for me. It's helping through these dark nights and dark mornings.


Being out and moving helps a lot, i think.


I think it does. You want to run so you have to get out. I think it's making me hardier than ever. It's said to clear your head Nilzed so maybe that's what is happening to you. Long may it continue.


That sounds tough, well done for starting to run it will do you the world of good. I found running helped me to get grounded and have some time to do what I want... I work full time, 2 kids, a long commute = stressful life.I totally get what you are saying. Why don't you sign up to be a volunteer at parkrun as its a great way to meet new people and make friends??

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Yeah, isnt it weird how ADDING something to the schedule somehow makes all the juggling easier? That it is for ourselves instead of others helps.

Nearest Parkrun is the other side of the river, quite troublesome to get to by public transport on a Saturday morning. When i can actually run it, we are going over there though. I am on their Facebook page, so i see posts about parking issues, maybe they need a second venue up on the north side of the river!


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