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Sore Calves - ouch!! never run before but have loved getting to 5k three times a week thru this podcast but now my calves are killing me

I have checked my shoes at a running shop and they are right, I have been to a physio and been given some stretches which I do - but they are still murder. Any tips?? It all started with me being stupid, fed up after a 4 hour drive for work I changed into shorts and ran for half an hour without warming up. Idiot. Have not really been good since. Have just taken a week off and cannot believe it - I am missing running - and they still ache a little

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Stick with the stretches, I think they'll help. When I did something similar to myself I could hardly straighten my legs and going up and down stairs was agony. I found myself stretching those muscles gently when I was sitting or standing. Be gentle with yourself when you go for your next run - nice and slow, no hills if possible and have walking breaks if necessary.

The two things that really help me were time and Deep Heat!


Check out the recent post here about a foam roller. That will sort you out!


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