Couch to 5K

Finished my first race! Hurray!

Just before Christmas I booked myself onto a couple of races to keep up my motivation. Well the first one came round today. 7k mixed terrain, fairly hilly. I do hills as part of my running but I run on pavement. Woke up this morning feeling quite apprehensive.

I got to the start in a localish park and got chatting to a group of women who were also running and were happy for me to join them. Conditions were interesting. Very muddy in places - too muddy on some of the hills to be able to run so did walk some of those. Started off trying to avoid the mud but gave that up and embraced it and in some places the swamp! Anyway ran alongside one of the women I'd been chatting with and we finished in 51:52 mins with a sprint finish! Well pleased and really enjoyed it. Next race - sports relief 6 miler to build me up to the half marathon I accidentally booked onto the other day! :-)

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Well done! Sounds like a lovely race, with a good time had by all; mud and swamp not withstanding! I am booked in for Sport Relief 6 mile race too; & then a hm in June! Lots of running to do before then; good luck to us! ;-)


Thanks Poppy. My hm is in July. I'm sure we'll both be amazing! Can't wait to compare notes. :-)


That sounds amazing, well done :)


What a great experience to have for your first race, and a more interesting sounding course than some - well done! :D


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