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Shoes shoes shoes cushioned or minimalist?

Time to invest in some shoes I think, I know the usual answer to shoe questions is to get a gait analysis done but I'm wondering about minimalist/transition shoes. From the off I have aimed for a mid/forefoot strike rather than a heel strike, I find it a very comfortable way to run, I tried to heel strike the other day and actually couldn't do it without feeling like I was going to trip up, it feels very clunky! Anyone run in minimalist shoes and have some advice! I will get a gait analysis done too, although I never run on a treadmill, should I practice first?!

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Yes, I run in a pair of Lucy Vivobarefoot trainers. I started in these as I had heard about them for sort of speed-walking and originally got them for that purpose. I have a very dodgy big toe which I though was a bunion but have just found out that it's severe arthritis (deep joy!) and I find them very comfortable, much more so than trainers with moulded soles. Despite my wonky toe I find that I can run on my mid or forefoot without discomfort. I run on a mixture of different surfaces and was wondering about getting a more 'grippy' sole in the same sort of trainer.

Hope that you find your gait analysis helpful!


Love my Brooke's Transition Shoes


Hiya, I have minimalist for off road, they're Brooks as well. Love them because they're so light. Ignore trying to heel strike, mid and fore for sprinting work very well. I know you don't want us banging on about gait but for minimalist shoes you should get it checked, just in case you pronate without realising


Time to be boring...get the gait analysis done, and then look at the shoe type that is best. Remember, Sweatshop will do a money back deal if you don't get on with the shoes you buy from them.

Boring comment I know, but the analysis is important to avoid problems.


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