Couch to 5K

wk4r3 breakthrough!

After a 2 day break I SO did not want to get up and run this morning....but I dragged myself up at about 6.15 and off I went. And I can't believe it, I actually enjoyed it! I actually thought half way through, I can do this, I'm doing this!! This from a self confessed run-hater, and up until today, I have enjoyed the feeling afterwards, but never actually during a run. Hurrah! Bring on week 5!

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Well done you. That's the feeling I'm getting glimpses of too. Wasn't sure people were telling the truth about enjoying it actually WHILE you're doing it! Good to know it really happens. I'm in W4R2 on Tues. Thanks for the inspiration. Good luck for Week5 :)


Hey, hope your run 2 goes well today xx I'm on w5r2 tomorrow. First run went ok, but I made a mistake by not having a day off after w4r3 and got (I think!) shin splints in my left leg. But it was still just about manageable. 2 lots of 8 mins tomorrow, eek! I'm feeling ok about it though, this plan so does work!


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