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All I want to do is run

I havent run since tuesday =[ and that was only 1.5 miles and the one before that was sunday 5k but still i am so scared of my fitness suffering I did go to circuit training on wednesday but since friday I have had one hell of a lurgy and had to cancel 2 runs and 1 circuit training I still feel rubbish today coughing all over the place back even hurting because of it but I am so tempted to go? Should i leave it and rest or just get them shoes on and go for a possibly painful shuffle? also there is circuits on tomrorow and I am praying I can go only 80 days till my wedding day and I will look fab!!! ( Sorry about the random post)

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Your body needs ret to recuperate properly. Over exercising is known to deplete the immune system. Give yourself a break. You will look fab on your wedding day even if you never run again - joy and happiness will make you glow, believe me.


Awwww that was one of the loveliest things ever said =D And i think you are right I think I will take your advice my poor back hurts when not even coughing now im just itching to run since i found my love of outdoor running


I'd leave it a few days until you are feeling a little better, otherwise you risk crocking yourself up.

Maybe a decent stroll might be in order. Nothing to strenuous.


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