Maybe a stupid question??

I done W2R1 today (yay me :) ) anyways, I do the runs first thing in the morning as hubby works and needs to watch the children whilst I go out, so I can't really have breakfast before going and everywhere I read is 'if you can't have breakfast then have a light snack' and everywhere suggests bananas! I hate bananas! so what do you think is a sensible alternative? I'm quite fussy (incredibly fussy) with food and only like a small range of fruits which seem to be all the fruits I've read you *shouldn't* eat shortly before a run (apples, melons, pears etc) so anything else come to mind that would do the trick? As I said - stupid question lol


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  • Toast and marmite, toast and peanut butter, plain toast? Hot cross bun?

    I think the idea behind bananas is that they're quite high in calories and carbs that release slowly during the run. Though if needs be you could run on an empty stomach, I generally do. If I'm heading out for a long run I'll have some toast, usually no butter, yes marmite, but just a 'short' run would be on empty, I still have calories I've not run off since the night before. Too much fat and fibre are not good things for various reasons, carbs for fuel and protein for muscle repair are what you want. Try different things and see which you prefer.

  • It's a good question and the best answer is whatever works for you but you could try a smoothie rather than just eating fruit and the mix of fruits might make it more enjoyable for you. Just try to leave a gap before you run so as this is in the morning maybe drink/eat before you start to get ready.

  • I can't eat for at least an hour before I run or I get a terrible stitch. Try whatever works for you. If you're going that early and only running 30mins ish, you are probably fine eating when you get back. :)

  • On cold days I have a cup of Japanese miso soup. Quick and easy to make - light but comforting. Or you could try a yogurt or a glass of milk ?

  • Thanks for the suggestions :) I have been going out on an empty stomach so far but this morning I was famished before I left the house so just thought I'd get some answer so I know for next time :)


  • I don't eat at all before my run - I just completed W5R3 today so I don't think it's having any negative effect on my ability. I make sure I eat shortly after I've finished though.

  • It is far from being a stupid question and has been asked many times on here, so a search may come up with other answers. Whether you eat or not, it is a good idea to have at least half a glass of water before setting out. Hydration is crucial.

    Good luck with your running. Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I used to eat before, but for a long time now haven't and have been fine, just as Mr T above says as long as you have some water. If I do parkrun I have a longer gap between breakfast and running so normally have oatcakes, a little banana and honey, nothing heavy/gloopy or I know I'd feel sick/get a stitch.

  • Ditto some of the other comments re water beforehand. I also carried a water bottle in the early weeks but ditched it in week 7-ish with no problems. Some people need to eat as soon as they get up in the morning but if you're like me then what's another 30 minutes, especially in the early weeks when there's a lot of walking involved. See how it goes and eat a small amount of something you like if you feel the urge.

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