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weather... urgh!

I'm hoping to do my first week 8 run, tomorrow, but much like everyone else, we've got some horrific weather down here, on the coast of South Wales. I'm not one for crying off because of the rain, or cold, but it's been damn near impossible, mainly because of the wind. I jog along the canal, which is quite swollen and flooded in places. I have an alternative route but this involved concrete, which my knees don't like. How are people managing to get out and about? I've had three 'rest days' already and I'm worried about slipping back, fitness-wise. Stay safe, everyone, and Happy New Year. X

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I've also has to wait a while between runs (four rest days this week) as the weather's been so awful here on the South Devon coast. I usually don't mind the rain, it's the gusts and falling branches that make me nervous! However often I find that I run better and faster after an extended rest. You won't lose your fitness that quickly so don't worry :)


I agree with Edqa - a slightly longer rest period can sometimes benefit, and is not long enough to start losing fitness. It's one thing going out in the usual wind and rain, but some of the conditions at the moment are quite dangerous. Hope it settles down soon.


Thanks for the encouragement. I did manage to get out and although it was pretty tough going, it wasn't impossible. About as tough as Wk 7 Run 1 was, so I suppose that's progress. Not sure what the weather has in store, for the next week so I'll just take it day by day. Hopefully things will settle down, soon.


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