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Gait analysis completed

I was really impressed with the service I received today. I used sweatshop at Brierley Hill. I was analysed by a young lad who told me as we chatted that he was doing a master's in sports science and was doing his dissertation on running. He was very thorough and I didn't feel pushed to buy anything. He mentioned insoles which I said I'd think about for another time. Apparently I have a neutral running style. He gave me a selection of shoes to try on and let me faff about chopping and changing, running around the store and trying to make up my mind. Eventually I went with New Balance 1080v3 which were I'm pleased to say in the sale.

Tomorrow is the all important first run in my new trainers and I will let you know how it goes. Tonight I'm going back to my childhood and wearing my new shoes around the house all evening. I don't think my OH will let me sleep in them! :-(

Viki :-)

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Nice shoes Viki and so glad you got good service at Sweatshop they were really good when I had mine done


I say get in bed with them before he notices...just don't forget you can't try warming your feet up on him without giving the game away...


Congrats on your new shoes. I think I shall get my gait measured once I'm fit again have you tested the new shoes yet?


I've been faffing about getting the Brooks I was recommended because of price. Now I'm dreaming about them so need to just do it! You did make me laugh. I ALWAYS left new shoes by my bed so they were the last thing I saw at night and the first thing I saw in the morning! :-)


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