Couch to 5K

trying to beat this festive slump!

I graduated in november and have been really good about doing 2 5ks a week since then, until christmas was really busy the week before so I couldn't get out and then there was a the storm and a load of travelling round the country so it turns out that I haven't been out since the 13th Dec!

This is bad enough but combined with the amount I have eaten and drunk over the past week I am pretty nervous to get out there and face the damage I have done :(

How to get back on track??

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Hi ReyC. Ease yourself in gradually. You know you are capable of regular 5ks so that isnt the issue. You probably have various options available to you - do the last couple of weeks on the C25K app, try shorter runs and then build up to your 5K (if thats what you are aiming for), watch your diet lolll. I remember having a 10 day sabbatical due to one thing or another, and found when I got past 7 days I was losing focus and a little interest. However, I donned my gear on and went for a very very leisurely 5K with adequate warming up/warming down. It will take time to build up where you were.................but the beauty is you will achieve a PB in no time as you will realise how much you missed running, and that will hopefully spur you on. Just be patient with the results. Do let us know when you have got your first run out the away after your well earned break lolll. M


I had 3 weeks out over xmas. I agree it is hard to get motivated again bur I have been out 2x.this week and although the fiest time I had to stop aftee 2 mins and walk for a bit, once I felt more warmed uo, I did the rest if the 2 Last night I tried the stamina podcast with intervals. Ir wasnt long enough fir my usual route and I walked for a bit then ran agsin to finish. Interval training was ok.but hard ti find a rhythm. But it is different and somethinf 'new' to try!


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