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I need your help

I have my first 10k race (!!!) on 5th jan. My running has slowed due to a nasty cold before Xmas and Xmas. I fell over on a run two days ago which unnerved me and I have not done a full 10k since mid Dec! Could you advise on how to prepare this last week so that I can do it!!! I can do the distance normally but it's really a bit too much right now.

Yours, terrified, Cloudchaser!!

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Hi , I'm quite new to this running lark but I'd say get out there , give it a go & you will probably surprise yourself , . If you can't run all the 10 k walk some . Keep trying up to the day & if you have to walk on the day at some points so what ! You will have given it your best shot. . As long as you get round . But like I say you will surprise yourself . Good luck . Let us know how you go .


Well I wouldn't attempt a 10K between now and the 5th, I think it would tire you too much. If you managed 10K a couple of weeks ago then I'm absolutely certain that preparation will be enough. Just have a couple of short, gentle runs to keep your legs supple, plenty of rest, limit any alcohol (thinking of NYE!).

On the day, just relax and enjoy the run - if you have to walk part of the way, then so be it. Good luck X


Good advice given - you have nothing to prove other than to yourself. Aim for a time - as slow as you like - and that way you won't try to speedy gonzalez. I did a scrappy 10 k race in november and set myself a target - which I managed - even with a bit of walking on the hillier sections.

Try not to let the nerves get the better of you - just do your best and I am sure you will enjoy it - both the runs and the taking part.

Good Luck :-)


Thank you so much runners! You are right, just do it! I know I can... I'll walk if needs be. I don't want to be the last over the line, that's my only pressure. I will do 3x 30 min runs, my arms are still sore from my fall- a good rest will sort that out


Focus on your hydration this week, do a couple of gentle sessions the last 3 days before the event. Consider your meals - what time is the 10K?

I've found that if I can run 5K by myself I can do a 10K in company!


It starts at 10.30 which is good as breakfast will be sorted by then. I'm running with a friend who is a similar speed (think tortoise!). Good thing is that it's flat.


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