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trying hard

not been on for a while laptop problems .Still running or trying had a really bad chest infection been in bed for a few days . Feel as tho my fitness levels have just gone not been to the gym because i feel bad when doing any cardio type exercise . Hope to get back on track after Christmas might have to start pod cast again . merry Christmas to all of you

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Take it easy ned , you shouldn't push yourself too hard with a chest infection . Leave it till it's cleared up . Hope you have a speedy recovery . Merry christmas to you & yours


Have some time off and get better.

Have a lovely Christmas


Merry Xmas Ned have a nice rest. Pat


Merry Xmas ned63, from OldNed (actually 63 !!). Us Neds have gotta stick together. Hope your chest infection soon gets better and you have a lovely Xmas. Hopefully there'll be lots of running ahead!


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