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Completed week 4 on the Yorkshire dales

I completed my first run in hilly Yorkshire yesterday and it was my last run of week 4. I am so glad that I completed it although my first run was uphill and was quite challenging but I slowed my pace, dug deep and carried on until the end. Running on the cobbled streets are slippery at the best of times so when covered in frost it made running challenging.

I am looking forward to starting week 5 tomorrow but that dreaded run 3 is looming ever closer. Fingers crossed that the hard work I have out in so far will get me through it!

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Well done Jenner! Super effort, especially on an AMBER warning stormy day! Don't worry about 5R3 cos you'll do it. The beauty of this program is that it trains you to be ready for each run at exactly the right time. Keep up the great work!



Thank you Dan, I really hope so.


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