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Conditioning myself to the pain

Week 6 Run 2 over and done with this morning. I'm finding the running fine - not easy just fine. I always start off slow but could keep going longer than Laura says. Its afterwards that hurts, muscles, ligaments, joints, soreness, tightness and pain. I stretch loads. I have a long bath. I usually do a very slow 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer (seems to ease the muscles). I keep moving as much as possible throughout the day. I'm fine until I stop and then when I try and start again I know I've been out for a Run.

I know enough about my body that I'm not too concerned and that its only my previously underused muscles trying to repair and make themselves bigger and stronger (not that I want to be a 47 year old Arnold Schwarzenegger ). I do try and tell myself when negotiating the stairs the morning after a run - you will be fitter and healthier for the pain, it wont last for ever, it proves you are getting muscles, muscles burn more calories than fat and take up less space and ask hubby if we can move to a bungalow!!

So when will my body get used to running? Will it ever get used to running? Will I have to move to a bungalow?

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What would help you lots is a foam roller And a tennis ball...Do a search on youtube for ATA self massage...They have some great videos for releasing those sore legs,hips, thighs and back..I will warn you now it can be very painful to do but where it hurts when doing it indicates the areas of tightness and you know your in the right spot.Do this after runs and couple time through the week will help loads and also help prevent running injuries. .

Stick with it and keep going..I started the c25k last year ....from being fat and lazy..last month I did a run on my own for charity. .63km!..its never too late to be awsome keep moving


It's probably just new runners achey muscles. I got it, and electric legs (I made that term up by the way), I got swollen knees too at one point but I'm fine now. I just kept going week in, week out, and followed Laura's instructions to the letter, didn't attempt any fancy stuff and got to the end unscathed. So will you. Good luck and happy running


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