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Launching on 6 January: NHS Weight Loss Club

Kick start 2014 by joining the NHS Weight Loss Club and lose weight with other members of the Weight Loss forum (

By starting your weight loss journey together, you'll be able to motivate and support each other and share your ups and downs as you work your way through the 12 weeks of the plan (download it here:

The Weight Loss Club kicks off on Monday 6 January at 10am with the first of our weekly weigh-ins, where members can share their weight loss goals and seek weight loss advice.

In the meantime, download the 12-week NHS weight loss plan ( and keep it safe.

The path to a healthier and fitter you starts on 6 January 2014 - so put it in your calendar, forget about it and enjoy the festive season!

Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook! Recruit friends and family!

For more information, feel free to drop me a line.

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Do you have any plans to develop another programme as a follow up to C25K? As there is a market for it. PLEASE SAY YES WE ARE!


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