The edge of glory

Today was wk 6 run 3. 25 minutes solid running gulp. Gordon Ramsay Christmas beef Wellington and copious amounts of chateau Neuf de pape was hardly a brilliant preparation when we had friends for dinner last night. But after a lie in, I thought I'd give it a go. Laura told me 5 minutes to go and I'm feeling ok, then I heard two young lads in the park say that they could walk quicker lol. I have my daughters iPod on random shuffle and have listened to some bizarre music choices over the past few weeks, but today 3 minutes to go on came Lady Gaga singing edge of glory, fabulous, spurred me on to the end...fate or what.

4 Replies

  • Well done you!! And don't listen to the guys in the park what utter arse's!!! Also I find a great song at the right time can really get you going! Well done again especially after last nights feast!

  • What an effing cheek! Don't listen to them you are doing so great!!

  • Idiots , they talk crap to make themselves feel better ,

  • Ignore them, they hadn't been running for 20+ minutes!

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