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Wk9 r2 done & it was a dummy 5k park run !


And I completed it in 36min 43 sec! I am over the moon with that . One more to go . That's it now im as high as the preverbial kite !

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well done you are doing so well . back with you soon i hope

Thanks ned63 , my fingers are crossed for you .

Hey, Rockette! You must be ecstatic!! You're nearly there! Bet your hubby is eating his words! (Didn't he say it as just another fad, or something?!)

Yes he did ! , don't think he believed I was doing these runs , so I stuck garmin in lap top & let him see my routes , he thought I was sat having coffee at my friends house down the road , men !

flossieflyblowGraduate in reply to Rockette



Fantastic What a great time ! ( I will be delighted if I could manage 5k in 46 mins --- 36 is way out my plodding range ) You should be really proud Look forward to seeing your graduation post

Rockette in reply to Fitfor60

Thankyou fitfor60 I was surprised to be honest, I knew the route , I checked it out on line & even registerd but not brave enough yet , want to prove to my I can do it a few times , when Laura said 30 min had gone & I checked the garmin , I thought I'm not far off completing this park run so I kept at it , glad I pushed my self it was hard but I did it .

Rockette in reply to Fitfor60

Good luck again for tomorrow we will all be cheering you on .


Well done you should be really proud of yourself. Glad OH now sees that you are really a runner :)


Well done! One more to go.


Oh well done. That is an amazing time. I reckon yr 3rd run will be 30 mins as I felt I was flying this morning particularly on the last 15. And although just a few metres away felt amazing. You've done brilliantly. One more!!! Yeah!!!!


Rockette that's amazing. What an incredible time! You superstar! Run 3 just a formality for you now. You're already there girlfriend! : D

Rockette in reply to Jenwrenarm

Ha ha thanks Jen , I thought it would a took me longer , I was pleasantly surprised .

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