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Exchanged the trainers

After my wk6r1 this morning , and my ankle feeling sore& stiff again , I decided to go back to sweatshop for advice . I've had new asics about 3wk & although really comfy & no more achy knees , I've had enough of ankle . So I took trainers with me & I must say the service in that store is brilliant . They had me running on treadmill again & was told to try Brooks trainers with a bit more ankle support , they just exchanged the trainers no hesitation , & was told to bring them back if still having problem after about 6 runs and I can try some more . Glad I purchased from there the customer service is excellent ! Fingers crossed , these solve problem

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That sounds like great customer service. Think I might go there next time. Hope your ankle stops giving you gyp with that bit more support !


Good service with a doubt. I changed from ASICS to Brooks about 5 months ago and love them, they are brilliant and very comfortable too.


Yes I've only run on treadmill in shop in them & they feel more cushioned .


that is awesome service! and the way it should be:)

I too have Asics (Asics GT) but I have heard great things about Brooks too:)

hope your ankles will be fine from now on:)


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