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For no good reason at all I have lost my enthusiasm.

I am on week 7 run 2. Run 1 was fine and up till now I have loved the runs and was going every other day. Due to family stuff haven't been able to run since last Thursday and the break seems to have sapped my enthusiasm. I could have gone last night but for the first time since starting C25k I chose not to!

I need an enormous kick up the backside and really must go out tonight.

Help motivation needed, or just a verbal kick!

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Oh dear! You are just at the stage when you can see the finish line and it would be such a shame to give up now when it is so close!

Probably the family stuff is preying on your mind a bit and you are distracted.

I am a bit in the same place myself. Thought I needed to get up this morning to run, forgetting it is running club tonight at 6.00. So stayed in bed. Had also forgotten that I am giving shelter to 2 members bee hives in my garden tonight so that means no running club. Doh!

Shall we make a pact? Both of us MUST get out and run in the morning (or this evening) - come what may?

You'll be really sorry if you give up now, when you've only got 7 more runs to do!


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Beek, your on! I will run tonight.


Great! And I will run in the morning - even in the rain! Keep posting and GOOD LUCK!


Truely gutted, my husband was due home at six and people are coming to dinner at 7.30 so I was going to run before dinner. Best laid plans and all that my husband is held up and won't be home in time for me to run.

Will see if someone will take pity on me in the day tomorrow and look after my little boy so I can run. Will keep you posted.


Like you say - best laid plans etc! Please do not stress yourself about it. I hope you had a happy and successful dinner party. You'll be out there again soon enough, I hope!


I did it! Just come back from 25 minute run and it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Thank you for your encouragement.


It might be just getting out and doing this one run will bring all the enthusiasm right back. It isn't always easy to motivate yourself but i try to think of it as my time and everyone deserves that little time to themselves regardless of family demands. Fingers crossed you get out and i am metophorically giving you a push out the door and handing you your trainers.Have a good run:)


I hit this wall during week 7 also. Week 8 day 1 was a horrible run. Week 8 day 2 I did after 2 rest days instead of one, and I slowed way, way down! I switched from a timed program (ie run for 28 minutes) to a distance program (ie run for 4.45 miles) so that I didn't worry about speed. I would get the desired distance. It felt like I was going soooo slow but in reality it was only 20 seconds off my normal pace! I finished with lots of energy, hardly breathing heavy at all and with renewed enthusiasm for my running!!

Not saying this will work for you, but it did help me. Hope it goes well!


Give yourself a different target - time / distance etc.

Buy some new gear - doesn't need to be something expensive, perhaps a new pair of trainers or even some running socks!

Finally, reward yourself. finish your run? tuck into a cheesecake or bottle of vino.


Thank you all I am back out there!


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