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Trying to get faster

I completed C25K a while back but have been trying to get to 5K. I started off at just under 4K. After a few weeks i managed to get to 4.3K. I then decided to try the C25K+ podcasts. After a couple of weeks i found that i was running slower and not getting as far in the 30mins. So i think i will go back to just running to my music and see how i go for a while again.

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You could try doing intervals - I've been using the Week 1 podcast alternating running as fast as I can (within collapsing!) for 60 secs with easy/recovery running for 90 secs. And I also run during the 5 min warm up/warm down to make it a 30 minute overall session. I just make sure I tack on my own 5 min walks at the beginning and end. It's really hard work but does the job - after three weeks of doing one or two interval sessions a week I noticed my speed had improved. I'm still not quite covering 5K in 30 mins, but I will get there...

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might give that a go thanks for the advice


As well as tt's suggestion I'd say the best thing for speed is distance. If you have the time, keep running until you hit the 5km mark regardless of time, that'll give you more stamina for running faster.


sounds good may try it when i have the extra time next thanks


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