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Hooray for me!!

I have just completed my graduation run. The first km I really felt like a runner as I upped my pace. Had to slow it down though in order to run to the end instead of crawl. But I just feel great!

I ran past the park where I puffed those first 1 minute runs, wondering if I could actually run for even 5 minutes ( I had peeked at what was to come!). I was in my 20+ mins then and gave the park a wave. That gave me the boost to up the pace again. So all in all a great week.

I have been following all my fellow recent graduates and now feel inspired to further challenges - both running and not. My self belief has grown tremendously.

If you are just starting out on c25k and doubt that you can complete the course - just keep believing Laura and pushing onwards. The personal rewards are yours for the taking.

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I love your comment that graduating inspires you to meet non-running challenges as well as running ones. I've found a huge change in how I cope with all sorts of things. I think graduation confirms a lot more than "just" your ability to run and it's a great confidence booster. Well done !


Thank you. It feels good to know that I achieved this through my own effort and hard work - supported by all the wonderful people on here.


Agree with both of you. The running success has all sorts of spin-offs for the rest of life. Well done Susan on your graduation. Next time we see you I expect to be dazzled by that silver badge! (never "grey")


Thanks. I am already more confident about looking for a new job. Just need to work on the weight now.


Delighted to see another pink and smug graduate! Well done and I love the reminiscence of earlier runs. I could n't believe that my week 1 distance is the warm up now. And the badge looks fab!


Hey love the badge and well done best feeling in the world graduating x happy running for the future x


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