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The Great Get Up & Get Going Xmas Challenge (aka Beat My Boss)

Soooooooooooo we had a wonderful holiday in Turkey and despite all the amazingly gorgeous food, I only put on one and a quarter pounds (yey!).

But I have seriously lost my way with Couch to 5k - I need to get back into running 30 minutes non-stop. I was combining running with a workout DVD during July & August in preparation for our holiday but the increase in exercise meant an increase in eating - oops! In addition to a return to running, I want to secretly compete against my Boss on the run up to Xmas. He's very overweight (nearly 18 stone I think) and he wants to lose 46 pounds or 3.4 stone (he's doing a pound per age in years). He's managed 8 pounds so far.

I'm planning on combining my return to 30 minute runs with a good old try at losing weight too - so I can lose weight along with my boss (obviously I'd like to beat him - hence my title!). As we've been away and I was a bit off kilter before we went away, I've not really done any exercise properly for about 3 weeks. Therefore I'm not really looking forward to getting up early tomorrow for my run but I've really missed it! I'm planning on doing 3 runs a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and starting the 30 Day Shred DVD again on Tues and Thurs. I've stocked up on veg and salad and I'm off to cook a lovely Cottage Pie later on today.

So I've got my positive head on and I'm going to Get Up and Get Going - I'm going to weigh less and be a size smaller by Xmas (I hope!!!!!!!). AND I'm going to Beat My Boss!

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And now you have written it down and posted it on here so you will have to STICK to it! Have you decided where you will start on the prog or are you just going to find out what you body will do?

Good luck for tomorrow!


I'm a Graduate so I've already done the plan. But I'm going to start with a low aim of a 10 minute run with a secret ambition to get to 15 minutes! I was doing 20 minute runs when I was combining it with the 30DS DVD back in July and August so I'm hoping I'm not too far off that.

And yes, by writing it down I've committed myself!


Good luck beating your boss hope it goes well keep us all posted and im sure your get there good luck with getting to 30 mins with your runs kate x


Ugghhh - I feel terrible!

Dragged myself out of bed and I managed a 15 minute run despite having not exercised in about 3 weeks and being too hot (damned heating was on too high and the treadmill is right next to the radiator - d'oh!).

However I did it , which I'm so pleased about, but I do have a nasty headache which I think is just dehydration. Fingers crossed Wednesday will be better!


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