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Crikey!! That's a surprise!

Went out for my first run this morning since Monday, which was my first run since the previous Tuesday. (Do keep up at the back...!) I've been taking it very easy lately due to the thigh strain and I thought I had hurt it again as it felt tight as soon as I began to run on Monday. Managed to complete 3 separate 1Ks though at a reasonable pace and everything seemed to be okay all week so decided to try a short run today.

Didn't think I'd gone out very quickly and found myself running a little faster after the first K. Was able to speed up a bit more but called it a day after 3k. Checking the times now - 17:30 with a 5:36 last 1K - maybe I should have aimed for a 5k PB!! Even if I'd slowed down quite a lot I might still have made a sub 30min... ;-)

Just hope everything feels good tomorrow - maybe I'm finally on the mend after 3 months!!

Hahaha..the Tags tell the story!! :-)

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Don't ya just luv how the tags read? :D Well done for getting back into things, hope your fitness improvements continue and you can say final farewells to injury!

Take care, Linda ;)


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