Couch to 5K

And I used to be able to run for 35 minutes without stopping!

Just done my final run of Week 1. I am fairly sure that I am going faster than I did when I completed this programme last year, so I'm hoping that by the end of week 9 I will be able to do 5K in 30 mins. Even so, I am fairly shocked at how pleased I was to be able to stop running at the end of just 60 seconds. Onwards and upwards. If I could get fit running last year I can do it again this year. So far my back (which is what put me out of action in the first place) hasn't been complaining as I've been careful to only run on the grass, rather than pounding the hard tarmac. It does rather limit me to running round in circles in the local rec, though.

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Good on you for getting out there again!

It's really hard to have to start again - this is my fourth attempt at running, having had to stop all previous times due to illness/injury.

Hopefully, you know you can do it and you know from experience that some runs will be tough BUT if you can keep positive, you'll get there :-)

Wishing you the very best for the next couple of months!x


Well done on completing W1 ! I know I'm not alone in having the worry that injury will occur and scupper all my running plans...I got a bit twitchy when I had a bad back during W9 niggled through the following week,but seems to have cleared up now,thank goodness. So I salute you for getting out there again and wish you lots of luck with the programme this time :)


Hmm can you try to alternate between grass and tarmac? I imagine after a while you'll build your "stabilizers" lol and you won't have that back pain any more. Or maybe I'm just hardcore and like to push myself to the limit. But good job!


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