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Will I really be able to run for three minutes?


Very proud of myself for getting through and even enjoying week 1 and 2. Feeling nervous about starting week 3 tomorrow. I still can't imagine running for 3 minutes - let alone ever getting to thirty!

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your progress.

Take it one run at a time, trust the plan and believe in yourself.

Follow the link in the guide to the post about mental approach........it may help.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

Football_mumGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Thank you. That is super helpful.


Yes. But go slowly . Look up the Japanese slow jogging clip.

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Rennur

Thank you - really useful.

Yes you will, and one day soon it’ll be 30 minutes, then an hour and then beyond. Believe in yourself, and take it slow.

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Lookslikejames

I needed that boost - thank you!

LookslikejamesGraduate in reply to Football_mum

No problem. This is more a mental thing than a physical thing after all, but you’ve got this. If, for any reason, you fail a run, who cares? Just take the week again, and you’ll nail it.

I am on week 7, so will you be one day just dont give up.

Football_mumGraduate in reply to shabz302

Hard to believe but it's so great to hear from people who've been through it. Thank you!

Just remember you are not in a race. Complete it at your own pace.

You can do it, trust the programme!

Football_mumGraduate in reply to wobbles_when_runs

I did it- keep surprising myself. You're right, I should trust it more than I trust myself (when I'm doubting!) Thank you for the boost.


You will

Football_mumGraduate in reply to markbrom

Thank you - you were right. I did!

Hello, I’m just about to start week 4 and never dreamt I’d be able to run at all but you can and will and you’ll feel amazing! Good luck x

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Maxcharles

Thanks so much for the boost. Good luck with week 4. It's good to know there is someone one step ahead of me

I felt the same at 6am this morning, I done 1st run of week 3.. I did it and I'm pretty chuffed about it.. you can do it.

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Jimmib22

Well done! I did it too but not until 8am - sunshine definitely helped.

Yeah it is nice when it's not raining.. I get up early so people don't see me breathing out my rear end 🤣

I was exactly the same! Now I’m out running for over an hour at a time!!Take it slowly and enjoy it, you will feel great with every achievement you make through the plan- enjoy the journey!

Happy running!👍🏻👍🏻

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Awkwardrunner

Thank you so much. That is so encouraging to read.

I’ve just completed week 4. I didn’t think it would be possible to run for three minutes but every time I did. To me it feels like there’s a mini wall where you think you can’t but it kind of disappears. Then suddenly there’s Laura saying slow down and walk.

Yesterday was a day off for me but I had to get to a shop so I ran, four minutes straight, and not even out of breath. Four weeks ago I thought I’d die thirty seconds in. So, take it slow, you’ll do it.

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Sleepysand

That mental wall is definitely strong. I did it though and even enjoyed it! Thank you for your encouragement. Really appreciate it.


Hi, u remind me of when I started, yes you can do it, I just did 20 mins, at the start I never thought I could but I did, take it slowly think positive, you got this!

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Silverstar44

Well done you! I managed 3 but 20 wow! 👏 hopefully that will be me soon enough!

Silverstar44Graduate in reply to Football_mum

Thanks! Stay positive u can do it!

I think we all feel the same at the start, can't imagine running for 20 mins let alone 30. Then all of a sudden the penny drops and you realise, you know what, you can and you do! The greatest feeling. Good luck and enjoy. 😀

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Runninggirl59

Thank you for the boost. Other people's success is do encouraging.


Thank you all for your comments. Guess what you were all right... I did it. I ran for 3 minutes twice. Thank you for your support.

Hi Football_ mum -am starting week 3 this weekend and also wondering about being able to run for 3 mins - said I wouldn’t look at the runs ahead but did and now wished hadn’t haha!! Feeling great about finishing week 2 never thought I would actually start as have looked at the programme a few times in the past but never started.

Good luck tomorrow - will be great to see your post when you have completed it!!

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Mrswoolley

Hi Mrs Woolley. Everyone was right - I did it! I'm completely new to running and also had thought about it but talked myself out of it before. I've never been confident about physical stuff and always worried about looking silly so it felt like quite a big psychological jump for me. But so far so good. I'm even enjoying it - such a surprise (I think the sunshine helps) Good luck with starting week 3.


By the end of tomorrow you’ll be the 3 minute marvel! 😀

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Frenc

Thank you!

You absolutely can and you will and in a few weeks, you'll be doing 5 mins and then 8 mins and marvelling at your improving fitness!

Football_mumGraduate in reply to lismcl

Thank you for your positivity!

Yes! You think you can't then you do and then you know you can!!

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Captain_Autumn

You are so right!

Hello! Same! Never thought I’d be looking at wk5 on Monday. Just do it at a speed that’s comfortable- doesn’t matter if it’s slow just keep going. I’m a chugger but it’s working! Sleeping better, less stressed, and lost my muffin top. The support on here is excellent too isn’t it? Happy running! X

Football_mumGraduate in reply to Scrumpybumble

Thank you. Everyone us do positive and helpful here. I hope week 5 is going well for you.


You will manage it! I struggled at week 1 and wondered the same but slowly it increases and before you know it you can do it! Happy running 🏃‍♀️


Thank you! Wk3r3 tomorrow morning.

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