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Strapped up ankle and the daughter has just joined 'us'!

Well I've got an injury... Had it for weeks and waiting endlessly for a podiatrist appointment.

I'm doing the Great North 5K next weekend and plodding on with support strapping. I did 4K tonight, slow but I think I'll get there. I think there'll be some resting after the run but so reluctant to lose fitness again :-(

Last night after a stroll along the coast I turned onto the street in the car and there was my 21yr old daughter guiltily plodding down the street.

She has recently moved home after finishing Uni and came out 'for a run' with me a couple of weeks back but couldn't keep up and as I'm training I had to finish my run and wait for her.

It turns out she's downloaded the podcasts and started C25K herself.

Can't wait to see her achieve - she'll be awesome :-)

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Hi Deekay64!

Sorry to hear you're still having problems. It's awful when an injury sets you back isn't it?

I had to rest my shin splint for 2 weeks and I've been struggling with the runs since but I'm still looking forward to the Great North 5k!

Did you get your number?

Great news about your daughter too! Is she going to join us on here too?



Yes it's very frustrating. It completely went away. I started building up a mile then a little more then one run and I was back to square one. Things had been going so well too!

I will be incredibly slow on the day. I'm averaging 9 minutes per km at the minute :-(

My number is 9442. Green 'wave' which is right where I should be too

Sorry to hear you've had problems too. Hope you're feeling good now though.

I don't know if she'll join us. We'll see how committed she is she only started this week



Ah what a shame but it sounds like you're doing the right thing about building back up slowly.

Don't be worrying about your time next week, just soak up the atmosphere and be proud that your part of it because I think it's going to be amazing!

I'm in the white wave, but I'll be at the back of the wave if I can help it! Haha.

Good luck with your training and the run, and I hope your ankle holds up


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