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Tendon problems - what now?

Hi all

I've been doing Couch to 5K since January and had managed to get as far as running for 35 minutes non stop but started getting achilles pains a few weeks ago. Last week after going out walking I got a sharp pain under my right foot that has made it really painful to walk all week. Saw my podiatrist today who said I need some new orthotic insoles for my trainers - I've not been using the ones I've got as they're too stiff and don't feel comfy to run in. He said I'm close to causing permanent damage due to my over pronated feet stretching my tendons when I run. So now I've got to wait till the pain goes, then get used to some new insoles, which could take up to 12 weeks in total.

I feel pretty disheartened as I'd got over the stamina hurdles but now feel let down by my feet! Anyone any ideas on how to keep the fitness up until I can start all over again? Has anyone tried nordic walking as that is supposed to be good for aerobic fitness?

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I have a similar story. I had just hit the magic 5K (not in 30 minutes) and I picked up plantar fasciitis - the sharp discomfort you mention. A combination of pushing too far and not stretching properly on the cool down in my case. Rest and strapping it up helped but now I'm training for a 5k event and its flared up again. It's going to take time to recover but ice rolling helps


Sorry to hear about your injury. Having to stop running for 12 weeks sounds like a nightmare.

I have had a tingle in base of my right heel, just like a very fine pin prick, which seems to run along the alignment of the plantar fascia. I haven't felt it while running but it tingles afterwards. I am doing stretches to drop the heel below the rest of the foot, standing on a step. This is recommended to strengthen the tendons. Do you have any other recommendations for this?

My wife has Nordic walking poles and if done properly it can give you a good workout, including upper body, without the impact of running. It might be worth trying.


I'm getting pains in my lower legs, which I think is from over probation caused by unions - I'm planning to see a podiatrist this week, so it will be interesting to see what they say, in light of what you've been told.

Nordic walking is meant to be even more effective than running, because it works all of your body, not just your legs, if done correctly. Have you got a class you can go to to be taught the correct technique?

It would be a massive shame to give up after all your hard work - there must be other work outs you can do that don't put your feet at risk from high impact. I really hope you can find something that works for you.x


Thanks for your replies. At least I've been told I can get back to it again when the problem has sorted out. Apparently if you ignore it you can actually snap the tendon which will then cause long term problems. May just have to go back to week one and do more stretching. Even if it means sticking with shorter periods of running and mixing with walking, at least it's better than nothing.


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