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Started Couch to 5k a year ago, completed the Great North Run yesterday

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Hi Couch to 5kers!!

I don't tend to post in this forum much these days but thought I would just pop this on today.

So I started Couch to 5k a year ago at which point I could hardly run for a minute having not done any exercise for 30 years.

Yesterday I completed the Great North Run, not in a particularly quick time and it was a struggle in the second half but I got round with 20,000 people behind me!!.

So all I want to say to anyone just starting Couch to 5k and having doubts or anyone who is struggling on a particular week is that you should 100% do it as it will absolutely change your life.

Listen to all the wise words from the admins, take it slow and steady and you WILL succeed.

Run happy, run safe.

12 Replies
RI78 profile image

Excellent achievement well done!

UnfitNoMore profile image

Great job... and inspiring

Daveedo profile image

Now that is soooo inspiring. Well done!

Well done. I was watching all those people on the TV yesterday wishing I was one of them. Maybe one day... I need to get my 5K sorted first.

GTypeR profile image

Really inspiring, thanks for sharing your journey on C25K. It gives me hope, as I’m 5 months in.

Sausagedog90 profile image

You super hero, such an inspirations story! Thank you for sharing and motivated me Chris! 🏃🏻‍♀️

Jundal profile image

In a year? I'd better get my game face on then! Well done sir!

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I live in Newcastle and it's my goal for next year. Well done be proud it's such an achievement. Excellent stuff x

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Well said, Chris, and well done, great achievement

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Nice one, Chris!

I was wondering if any of the GNR and London Marathon etc runners were C25Kers, and now I know they are. I am massively impressed. You, sir, are an inspiration to us all.

Taffywasawelshman profile image

Fantastic Story! Thanks and Congratulations.

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