Couch to 5K

Finally succumbed to Audiofuel

As per my last post, with every thing going on I was finding it hard to get back in to a running routine, so I made some changes

1 - Get back to doing at least four runs a week

2 - Go back to early morning runs, easier to commit to (for now)

3 - Stop using my own music, was not motivating me enough

4 - Look for something that I could use on my phone and leave ipod at home

So as I subscribe to Spotify I looked up and found the Audiofuel 3 step intervals which goes from 150 bpm to 180 bpm, I never intended to start using this but it is working well, improving my speed and motivating me to run again.

For now I am doing 7k four times a week. I hope to get in at least one 10k a week in this as well.

Now I am an Audiofuel convert and will find another that will keep me going for at least 10 to 15k - (any suggestions please?)

So happy to be back in to the swing of it, happy running all :-) :-) :-)

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Can recommend AudioFuel Feelin' Free for a longer slower run (not that slow though) but compared to intervals your doing it is!


Great list!! Love it.

Mornings are just the best aren't they??

Really good you are getting out there and you're doing great!!

I have the Audiofuel run free for 2 hours with my man silky Steve. I love it, but like you I'm looking or something new!!

Good to see you here again



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