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Pains 5k a medal and a wasted half hour

Just spent half an hour trying to find the button to post a blog on here and still couldn't find it so having to use my phone as its easier to find it on the mobile site than the normal. oh and ALL my blogs Have disappeared from the posts section. Charming. Grrr

Done the jog scotland Edinburgh 5k on Sunday, my first run in about 2 weeks. It was a lovely circuit, so nice and cool under the trees in the botanic gardens. I managed to run most of it until the end when I got a knot in my calf and had to walk for a minute

but overall I was very pleased. And I got a medal... Which is amazing. Never had a medal in my life and its so cool and chunky too. I love it.

But today I am im so much pain. My knees are agony my calf's are aching. I can hardly move. Walking is so bad. I look like an old woman shuffling about. I donE 5 hours driving at work this morning and I could barely get out of the car. Tonight at job number 2 I've got 4 hours of standing to do im dreading it.

Any tips on helping the pain. I tried the tennis ball trick to no avail. So sore

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