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How do I get rid of shin splints without stopping my training???

This is my third attempt at C25k and everything was going great! New trainers and playlist and I'm on w6r2 when I have 2 really bad runs! Third attempt at this run and I have awful shin splints in left leg, I REALLY don't want to fail again, I have lost nearly a stone and I don't want to put it back on! Can anyone help????

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Rest for an extra day and ice your painful area. Other thing I do is wet a small towel, wring it out and pop it into the freezer until you need it, its great to wrap around painful joints also good as a cool down for around the neck. You may want to check your foot strike when running, if you hit the ground with a heel first strike try adjusting it to a mid foot strike that will take the strain off you shins. Plenty of good running stretches after a run too. When you stretch hold each one for a count of 20-30 many don't hold the stretch for long enough. Hope this helps, if very painful try taking Ibruprofen which is an anti inflammatory.


Pretty much as OldGirl says, rest and ice, then take it very easy, don't be tempted to get back out there too soon.

I also had to give up on my first C25K attempt last year and was suffering with bad shins, and they did recur again this time around. So I had an extended rest (I only did 1 run in 15 days) just to make sure I got repaired.

So I took this time and looked at what is causing it and it turns out to be a lack of strength in that area - so google "toe taps exercise for shin splints" there is a few techniques, but essentially you need to strengthen the muscles around the shin and ankle joints, because the calf muscles tend to be so much stronger it takes a while for you shins to build up. (again being careful you don't overdo it)

The general advice was to rest and rest some more because, like with all injuries, if you go back out too soon you will make it worse and then be laid up for longer in the end.

Good luck & Happy Running


Having suffered and recovered from shin splints when hill walking I can sympathise. Strengthening is thd key I believe then bbe careful not to over stride when running. Do rest though as more exercise wont help.

Keep positive you will succeed.


I bought some better trainers having gotten my gait analysed and this helped along with focussing on my running form.


You have my sympathy.

I developed shin splints when I started C25K, I was hobbling :(.

My son who`s a very keen footballer gave me a foam roller and directed me to a few youtube videos showing how to use it. Apparently I had tight calfs. :)

The difference in just a couple of days was miraculous,.

I kept running though, just with 2/3 day gaps.

Don`t give up, there will always be a few obstacles to get over when you start but it is so worth it in the long run.

Good Luck.


I have had trouble with my shins in the past too. I find good calf stretches to be the best thing. When mine are really bad a get dry needling in my lower legs which makes them so mug better then you just have to maintain the stretches and you'll be back to running in no time. Good luck.


Hi I suffered really sore legs pulled muscle for ages I answer is an extra days rest warm up and cool down stretch out and my secrete weapon compression sox ! But you also need the right trainers and a gait analysis keep up the good work x


I highly recommend getting a foam roller, don't give up, just look after you legs!


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