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What Is This? And Why Must My Title Be Between 15 & 140 Characters Long?!?!?

I haven't been on the forum since mid-week and I've come back to find it's been changed - for the WORST! So user unfriendly it's a joke. I totally agree with all the other posts about this new look site - I hate it!

I was looking forward to doing more posts but now I'm not so sure. PLEASE return it to how it was!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was wondering why title must be so long! Very annoying. It keeps asking me to log back in again. Grrrrr


140 characters is actually quite long in my opinion, for a title. Im sure it was the same before, but i could be wrong. Having a minimum is a bit weird though. Hopefully they can get the worst of the bugs/unwanted changes sorted. You'll never please everyone, of course. :-)

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I'm getting used to it...although it would be good to get the emails again...perhaps we need to take a breath and embrace the change as best we can....??


firstly I love your avatar :-) I agree - am glad from next week it doesn't have to be a set amount of characters (I just used to put W- R- and that was that it was an inspiration to keep going knowing that you have run this far)


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