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Having the dog spayed is going to cost a lot more than I thought it would. Finances being what they are, I can't splash out on new trainers but I'm getting a twinge of pl.fasciitis in my left foot and a bit of medial knee pain. .. well at least I know what to do about it: orthoses ordered. (Starring with simple arch support and will add a heel post as I get used to wearing them).

Meh. Age is a bugger. Wish I'd started running years ago!.

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oooh you poor thing....glad the dog has been done, but you really MUST get proper shoes and a gait analysis. Just eat tesco value beans for a month, its worth it!!!!!


HI Juicy - there's this little thing going on in our country; don't know if you've heard of it - RECESSION. In the latest restructure at work I was "rebanded" and I'm now paid £500 less a month.

So, I MUST pay the mortgage, feed the kids etc.

Trainers costing the best part of £100 are a luxury.

Tone never comes across well in written word: please read the above with humour, rather than irritation :-D


I'm so sorry... That's really tough.... I really hope the arch supports help and take care of yourself



Hi, I also need gait analysis, as I now have a lovely bunion. Doc said it will not be made worse by running but I think new trainers will help. Hope your finances get easier, I will have to wait too it is frustrating. Good luck.


the beans are good for you - but also you can use the cans to roll your foot arches to reduce the pain - and hopefully eliminate the problem, you need to stretch the calf muscles. I have the same problem, and it works - rolling your feet on cold cylinders really works - I use the hairspray and the deodorant - and it works!!

But also, research has proven that expensive trainers are not the best

- you can buy decent ones from lots of places - I bought a really good quality pair from Next, in the sale for £15 and they're much better than the £120 I bought. Also shop around, the 'expensive' pair that I bought ... I had my gait measured at the best shop with the best reputation .... instead of buying the £120, I got for £45 on Amazon


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