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Struggling with Week 3

So... This hugely overweight and very unfit girl has started running! I'm using the rundouble app and my own music, at a bpm I find easy to run too. First two weeks I managed fairly easily, but really finding the last 3 min run in the week 3 intervals so hard... I have managed runs 1 and 2 of the week, but kinda dreading going onto week 4!! Also I had a DVT three years ago in my left leg and it gets so tired and achey after a few runs, any advice on dealing with that would be useful!! Feeling like I have so much more energy though and really enjoying it, also cycling on my rest days!!

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I find that doing muscle stretching as soon as you finish the running helps a lot. If I don't do it my calf muscles complain. I also do the Strength and Flexibility plan on my rest days and a lot of that is stretching. When you are struggling with your runs try to slow down. Maybe you are setting off too quickly too soon and you wear yourself out. Slow and Steady is the mantra! Good luck - and keep going! You'll do it! I can't advise about the leg pain. Maybe you need to speak to your GP?


You're doing great! Continue to go slow and steady and week 4 will be okay. Try to drink plenty of water the days you run and that may help with the leg. I remember when I started C25K, my legs felt like huge chunks of cement. You're doing fantastic, keep it up!!! Gayle


Thanks for the encouragement guys! I do keep well hydrated and run with water too, I also do much longer walk to cool down afterwards. Just finished run 3 of week 3 which was definitely easier, but scared about next week!!! My pace for all my runs this week has pretty much been the same so I don't think I'm setting off too fast, leg just gets tired I think!! Its not sore or achey after running, just during the last few intervals and until I've stretched it out by walking afterwards so I think I'm Ok to keep pushing! Wish me luck for week 4, I'll be going out on Fri!!


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