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Half marathon(!!!) training

Having graduated in November and steadily built up my mileage, I entered my first (and thus far) only 10k race in April this year. Well, it was very exciting and I loved it, coming in with a time of 1hr 06 mins. I was in race heaven when I finished and low an behold, that very week details of the Cheltenham Half Marathon were released. "What a great idea", I thought, "Why don't I give that a go!".......I plainly hadn't thought it through properly because actually it is going to need some serious training for me to half marathon distance. So again I have been building up my long runs and today I managed to run 9 miles. Very slowly. But who long as I finish that's all I am worried about. To borrow from Frank - I'll do it my way!

Not bad for a 50 year old woman who a year ago was recovering from a major op and who hadn't run (or wanted to run) a step since the horrors of secondary school cross-country!!

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Well done ! My first half-marathon is next weekend and the last time I did a 10k was last year in a time of 1 hour 6 minutes. My training runs haven't been quick - more about making sure I can spend that much time on my feet ! I'm hoping the fact it's a race will focus my mind on pacing myself well.

I've enjoyed the training - such a sense of achievement every time I've added a mile to my long run.

Good luck and well done !


Fantastic.. And it's so good to have something to aim for!

Happy training!


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