Janda: long time no hear, still running

Janda: long time no hear, still running

I really haven't done so well keeping up with the blogs. Even reading them has been difficult. I have, however, been keeping up the running. The May Parkrun was my last post and I have just run the Hampstead Midsummer 10k (last Sunday). 120th out of 200 at 52mins 1sec didn't seem bad for what is a difficult, hilly course. But what fun. There is a real buzz running with others. The camaraderie was fantastic and the marshalls/ 'crowd' positive and encouraging.

I am now looking forward to the Brentwood HM in October, hoping to get some more Parkruns in too. I have had a plan in place to train to and it seems to be fine so far: long run, recovery run and tempo or speed run weekly. Currently it adds up to about 22- 27k. I feel I will need to push my distances a bit to feel really ready for the HM but the plan does move on more as I get into the late summer. Perhaps I need to fit in a fourth run in the week. The only question is finding the time. I can't really do the mornings so run after work midweek and do my long run on Sunday mornings. If anyone manages to do a midweek run before work midweek I'd be interested to hear.

Good to be back. Happy running!!

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  • I understand about keeping up the blogging I don't get as much time to read as I used to. Regards a fourth run, what about a quick 5 or 6k one lunchtime thats if you have access to showers or a lunch hour. It definitely sets you up for the afternoon.

  • Thanks Phil. Lunchtimes are not possible at school, I'm afraid. Perhaps it'll possible after the end of the school some days or I go for the very early start!!

  • I second that. Not so much time to blog and/or read, but you are doing ace James, well done. I run very early in the morning -- it's the only way for me to fit in work, kids, life etc!

    High five anyway! xox delia

  • Hi Delia. Thanks for the support. Perhaps I need to get out a bit faster at the start of the day. It might be possible given that I allow 90 minutes to get myself together. No reason really: just gentle easing into the new day, relaxed shower, relaxed breakfast, etc. Maybe I should see what Tuesday brings if I start by doing my 4k easy run then. Not sure I'll fit in 8k tempo on Thursday though, but I will have to start somewhere. I'll let you know how I get on. (Also, too much going on as we get to the end of term and I go about the business of handing over to my successors and try to get my head round the new job!!) All the best. James

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