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Garmin request re logging running shoes acknowledged

Hi everyone

Just over a week ago I posted a blog about the mileage I had done in my running shoes, which had shocked me when I tallied it all up, after getting sore feet and achy knees.

It got me thinking that GoodRunGuide have built into their software the option to log your runs to alloted shoes, which I have always done, hence me being able to total my distance in the older pair.

Garmin does not have this option so I wrote to them asking if it could be incorporated some way when they do their software updates. Today I heard back from them which is always a good sign that they had at least acknowledge my query/request.

Only time will tell if any good comes out of it. My request was an option for logging more than one pair of shoes as I use two, one for drying, one for wearing!! (After last summer's rainfall!!

But it would also help those that do off road running and well as road running.

Dear OldGirl (as you know me)

Thank you for contacting Garmin Europe.

I have forwarded your email to the design team as they are always

interested in customer feedback. Many of the comments/suggestions we

receive (such as yours) are often evaluated towards potential

implementation into future Garmin products or current unit software

releases. We cannot guarantee that what you have suggested will be

implemented, however we do appreciate you passing along your opinions.

We also have a portal for customers to submit ideas directly to our

innovation experts. Please share your ideas with us at the following

page on our website:

If there is anything else I can help you with then please let me know.

Alternatively you can search for a solution here:

Kind regards,

Jakub Z

Garmin Europe

Will keep you informed of any further progress.

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good for you!! I hope they do it :)


Great! Sounds like a good idea & I just ordered a Garmin so once it arrives I'll go to the website & suggest the same thing!


woohoo, well done! I also log my times on goodrunguide (or did, when I used to run!) per pair of shoes. I'll ping Garmin an email too, they'll have to do it if enough of us ask for it ;-)


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