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First Run!!

Well I did it I completed slowly my first run, slow and painful but I shall remain positive! I have tried this programme before but only managed to get the end of week2 before my motivation ran off with someone else. This time I must complete it not only for my health, weight loss but for my own state of mind. I can no longer by 31yrs and so unfit, overtaken on the street by people double my age its shameful. I have so much going on in my life at the moment with being a single mum to two young children, working full time and studying I hoping this running will help me to control my stress as well as energise me and get my big bum off the sofa in the evening. I really need to improve my fitness in order to gain some control over the negative continuous impact of my comfort eating.

I have never completed a physical challenge before in my life and would love to hear from people with success stories for me to inspire too.

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Are you using calorie counting too? I use myfitnesspal to log my calories and since starting C25K have lost 9lbs, and 5 cm from my waist, only just on week 6!


Well done on your first run. Take care of yourself, you have a lot going on. Great that you've committed to make the time to do something for your health.

Keep us updated!


Aaaww you shouldn't see it as shameful if you are overweight and unfit - so is an awful lot of the population. The difference is you are doing something about it! It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life, and as a mother it can be very easy to put your own needs last in line - I know, I did it myself! As regards C25K try not to see it in black and white terms of success or failure but rather as part of the process of changing your lifestyle.It's a flexible plan and if for some reason you need to repeat a run or a week it doesn't mean you've 'failed', you're just adapting it to your own life needs.

I think keeping a blog here is important - when I started a few weeks ago I also committed myself to blgging every run - this way I can look back at my journey and maybe at some point int he future other beginners will find it encouraging to see my progress, plus, most important of all, this lovely community gives lots of feedback and inspiration. It really helps to know you're not doing this alone! :)

Finally, I found all the replies to this post inspirational:

Good luck with your next run! :)


All great advice- and however you do c2k5- you are still doing better than anyone sat on the couch. Don't try to take on too much - but I do know the running has been a big part of getting my mental state right and enabling me to cope better. i hope you can keep it up - however you do it. :-)


Welcome to C25K, and congratulations on your first run. As many have said before, getting out of the door is the hardest part, and once you cross that threshold you enter a whole new world.

It doesn't matter what you have done in life before; what really matters is what you are doing right now, and what you are planing tor the future. You have done the hard bit, and that is now history. The future is you as a runner.

Take it easy, and don't be tempted to go too far or too fast. The one-day-at-a-time method is just right

Good luck, keep running and KEEP US POSTED, The support and motivation you will get on here is second to none.

For inspiration look at 'running for my existence' on Youtube.


Good on you! I'm a newbie too, only on my second week of the plan, and when I started I hadn't exercised in about ten years and couldn't run the length of myself and had to repeat week one to get up to speed. Now I'm doing six reps of a minute and a half runs - it's a huge difference in a very short space of time. Along with that, I'm calorie counting and have switched from drinking fizzy juices to drinking lots of water during the day.

I also have two kids, of school age, and I know it's difficult to find the time to fit in exercising. I drop them off in the morning in my running gear and do the run right after that. It only takes about half an hour of your time and it means it's out of the way by nine o'clock ish, leaving you the rest of the day to worry about everything else.

It takes a bit of willpower and if you're anything like me, you'll find it really difficult at the beginning but it does get easier and you'll feel great. Stick at it and have faith in yourself! It's all worth it :)


Hello and welcome from a fellow comfort eater. I had very low self esteem and a weight problem when I started this program 3 weeks ago . Read my first blog and you will get the idea where my head was then.

But in just three weeks I am starting to feel the difference . I am ten times more confident than when i started.Follow the programme ,take it slow and steady and when that annoying little voice in your head tells you that you will never make it to the end of the run and you should just give up ......DON'T GIVE IN . You CAN and will be able to do this, I promise. But it is only you that will make that happen.

I also use a calorie counting app to help with my healthy eating is working and already my shape is starting to change. I do not own a set of scales so I can't honestly tell you how much I have lost,but I have noticed my clothes are feeling looser and my trousers need a belt to keep them up!

I find that blogging on here really helps my motivation. Good Luck on your journey and keep posting.x


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