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Week 7 soooooo slow

I decided that I should find out how far I have been "running". GPS does not work well out here so got in the car to discover that if I want to "run" 5k in 30 minutes I will need to "run" twice a fast as I am doing now!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seems an impossible dream at the moment.

I have downloaded the 5k+ programme for speed & stamina has anyone used this how did you get on??

I am up & out of the house by about 5.30( so that no one going out for a walk with their dog can overtake me). The only people I see are truckers some who give me a thumbs up some when they see the grey hair thumbs down. But I carry on regardless.

I am finding that my breathing is ok now (but perhaps that is because I am "running" so slowly?) I do try to put some speed on in the last minute as suggested by Laura.

If anyone has any tips or ideas to improve speed please let me know.

The end of c25k is just around the corner & I feel that I will be able to achieve what I thought would be impossible for me . I am thrilled that I have come this far.

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Don't worry - you will get there. You deserve to be thrilled - you did the work.


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